Cultivate Your Genius

   In 2009, BrownMill was created in a small garage workshop in Piscataway, New Jersey. Justis Pitt-Goodson started BrownMill in his living room, making ties and bow ties. Then after a sufficient amount of sales, he began the brand. We moved on into handmade collared shirts, jackets, shorts etc. He named the company BrownMill in honor of the legacy of his grandparents: John “Brown” Pitt and “Mil”dred Pitt. After taking a printing course in high school, he began screen printing t-shirts and learning graphic arts. Graphic Designer Taha Shimou was then added to the team that same year. After the addition of a strong graphic team, the brand was much more diverse in styles. We can now describe our clothing direction as a mix of bespoke tailoring and streetwear. In 2013 Kwaku Agyemang was added to the company for finance and sales purposes, serving strong ever since.   

      BrownMill is a lifestyle brand that creates high quality clothing and accessories while bridging the gap between streetwear and high fashion. Our mission is to reduce waste and inspire the world. We do so by creating One-of-One tailored pieces that are crafted to perfection. We incorporate salvaged material into our designs to generate entirely new pieces. This provides the customer with the opportunity to have a product that is unique. 

Another way we carry out our mission is by partaking in "Urban Upcycling". At Brownmill Company we recognize sustainability as the key to running a business soundly. It is not only incorporated in how we produce energy, but also in how we manufacture our garments. Furthermore, to ensure that sustainability remains the pillar of our business practices, we glean upcycled materials and use them to make our garments. Also, for every fourth item that is purchased, an item is donated to those in need in our community.